Interaction at the Centre of Reflection : Insights from Implementing Self-Evaluation of Teacher Talk (SETT) as a Reflective Tool



Rok publikování 2022
Druh Další prezentace na konferencích
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Filozofická fakulta

Popis Following the socio-interactionist perspective which places interaction at the centre of learning, making teachers aware of the complexities of classroom interaction to allow them make informed decisions regarding their teaching becomes crucial (e.g. Walsh, 2013). While there is a rich tradition of using video in teacher education in Czechia to help teachers reflect on aspects of classroom practice, including interaction (e.g. Janík, Minaříková et al., 2011; Janík et al., 2020; Šeďová et al., 2020), there have been few attempts to strengthen the teachers’ reflections by introducing them to the findings provided by Conversation Analysis (e.g. Sert, 2015). We therefore focus on EFL student teachers’ experience with using the self-evaluation of teacher talk (SETT; Walsh, 2013), a CA-based analytic framework, to reflect on audio- and video-recordings of their own lessons. The data, which come from a larger evaluation study on a new CA-informed course in classroom interaction within a Master’s programme in ELT, comprise questionnaires and assignments collected from 24 students. The questionnaire data were analysed quantitatively, while the evaluative parts of the assignments were coded using the grounded theory approach. The open coding procedure generated 150 codes, which were divided into eight categories. The findings suggest that the students perceived the SETT as beneficial; they appreciated the framework’s ability to integrate more theoretical course content with practical implications as it helped them analyse their teaching with respect to interaction and identify areas needing improvement. These findings support the relevance of CA-informed reflective tools in teacher education programmes.
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