The Nationality Rooms Program

21. 12. 2018

The Nationality Rooms Program is proud to announce the availability of the annual Ruth Crawford Mitchell Fellowship which will enable a Czech or Slovak professional to conduct research at the University of Pittsburgh during the 2019 Fall Term (late August to mid-December 2019). The amount of the award is $7,000. The submission deadline is March 30, 2019. Applications require a reference from a University of Pittsburgh faculty member who will serve as a mentor to the scholar. 

We invite your assistance in distributing the information to eligible and promising candidates in all fields and professions (students are not eligible) from the Czech or Slovak Republic.

If you have any questions or want further clarification, please do not hesitate to email University Coordinator.

Cristina Lagnese
University of Pittsburgh/ University Center for International Studies/Nationality Rooms Program
Committee Relations/ Scholarship Administrator
4200 Fifth Avenue/ 1209 Cathedral of Learning/ Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Nationality Rooms Program Nationality Rooms Scholarship Program

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