TIM Master Class: KAJET Journal

Decolonising the Eastern European Imagination

It is not far-fetched to proclaim that Eastern Europe is dissolving, giving in, on the one hand, to globalising forces that make the region crumble into broken fragments of rubble and, on the other hand, to the disorientation generated by the traumas of the past and neoliberal capitalism. The only way that we can keep Eastern Europe alive – as a concept and not necessarily as a physical location – is by re-imagining it in perpetuity. Through uninterruptedly engaging in the emancipatory potential of a radical kind of collective imagination, we – both as dwellers and investigators of Eastern Europe – perpetuate its very existence.

Petrica Mogos and Laura Naum

Petrică Mogoș and Laura Naum are the editors and founders of Kajet, a journal of Eastern European encounters. The journal proposes an internationalist understanding of Eastern Europe and it seeks to decolonise the imagination and thought of the region. The Bucharest-based publication is printed annually and its next issue – vol. 5 On Easternfuturism – is out in the summer of 2021. 

The lecture will take place online through the ZOOM platform (Meeting ID: 921 5768 0543). 

The lecture will be held in English.

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