Ambivalence in ICT-related learning

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Rok publikování 2018
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Filozofická fakulta

Popis As members of the research team within the project Digital technologies in everyday life and learning of students (supported by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, project number 17-06152S) explore various sources of data, from large-scale international datasets like PISA or ICILS, through focus groups in schools, and case studies in families including young people, ambivalence in learning using ICT becomes clearer than ever. One of the partial studies focused on PISA 2015 data analysis for the Czech sample. It explores relationships between students´ ICT use and their school performance, while coming up with some interesting findings, such as an absence of influence of the ICT equipment in schools on students´ school performance and presence of influence of ICT equipment at home on students´ school performance, but at the same time showing no link between the ICT usage at home and students´ school performance, while finding a negative link between the ICT usage in schools and the students´ school performance. Yet another partial study of the team, focus groups with the students in the final year of the lower secondary schools in the Czech Republic, suggests that the ambivalences outlined above are an integral part of ICT-related learning in Czech schools, with a rather strong drive for ICT usage by teachers on one end, and an equally strong drive to limit the ICT usage by students. Sources and implications of such ambivalence are explored and discussed.
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