School or YouTube? Educators career choices in the current world. ENIRDELM 2019 conference



Rok publikování 2019
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Popis This study aims to teacher’s career choices and their reasoning on why to choose YouTube over a school. Focus on teacher’s reasons for their choices based on leadership and management in Czech schools. The main data source is interviews with the YouTubers (Czech and Slovak) who create educational videos. For the triangulation, the data from their YouTube channels (videos and additional commentary feeds) are used.The qualitative analysis was based on a grounded theory approach and Situational maps. To triangulate different data, Netnographic methodology is used, so data published on teacher’s YouTube channels could be examined. All the data sources were analysed using Atlas.ti software. As a result, will be introduced the teachers’ typology based on their career choices and their reasoning on why to choose YouTube over a school. Based on open codes grouping four categories describing the reasons for teaching on YouTube instead of school were developed: Activist, Intellectual of the Enlightenment, Actor, and Businessman. 1) The activist is a category describing YouTubers who disapprove the formal educational system. The disapproval is based on several aspects mainly teaching methods at school, and the difficulty of the teacher's profession at the formal educational system. 2) Intellectual of the Enlightenment is a category based on the importance to provide education to a wider audience than it is possible at the formal educational system. The goal for this YouTubers is to spreading knowledge likewise writing encyclopaedias in the Enlightenment movement. 3) The actor is a category based on the importance of self-expression and expressiveness. The main importance is laid on the freedom of self-expression on YouTube which teachers do not find at the formal educational system. Self-expression is here based on the free choice of the content of the lesson and also on the form of delivering the content. 4) The businessman category is based on YouTubers motivation to make a profit of the YouTube career. YouTubers find more fairness on YouTube compares to school where the payments are not differentiated based on the quality of their work. The Activist and Intellectual of the Enlightenment are more motivated by helping others. The Actor and Businessman are more focused on self-development and self-expression. These categories are ideal types but in reality, respondents in the sample tend to have more motivations usually both self-developing and helping others.
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