Life Writing Contribution to the Health of Indigenous Groups


MORAD Tagrid

Rok publikování 2021
Druh Další prezentace na konferencích
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Filozofická fakulta

Popis Indigenous and ethnic groups suffer from health inequalities, and in studying these disparities, the broader context and the subject’s knowledge of needs, resources and strengths are not considered. Minorities in rural and remote areas differ significantly in lifestyle. While the inclusion of any ethnic group in interventional research was and is almost impossible, literature and specifically life writing genres could assist in understanding the link between culture, lifestyle, and disease, to tailor medical interventions to promote the health of these communities. Lifestyle, a constant concept in ethnography and literature, plays a critical role in causing and preventing chronic diseases in modern societies. Thus, life writing genres are of paramount importance as a source of information on lifestyle. METHODS: Margaret Mead dedicated most of her research to native groups and could offer relevant insights into lifestyle and health. I will try to actualize her contribution to studying lifestyle in communities under transition, like people in desert areas of the Middle East. Considering lifestyle, a generic ethnographic concept, I aim to list lifestyles in Mead’s autobiography, explore Mead’s interpretations of health and lifestyle, and extract positive cultural beliefs that can improve health. RESULTS: Mead uses her bricolage and thick description to offer a detailed, holistic approach to the culture and its impact on lifestyle and health. She provides plenty of facts on the lifestyle of natives detailing positive cultural beliefs relevant to lifestyle understanding and change in native cultures. Mead had suggestions on how to intervene in transforming lifestyle to improve the health of natives. CONCLUSION: Literature helps understand the lifestyle of ethnic groups and is a significant source of information for health professionals to tailor culturally sensitive lifestyle interventions. The health system has a greater chance of improving health by lifestyle changes embedded in the native culture.
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