Héros ou antihéros? : les protagonistes de Jean Échenoz face au malaise existentiel

Název česky Hrdinové nebo antihrdinové? : protagonisté Jeana Échenoze tváří v tvář existenčnímu neklidu


Rok publikování 2011
Druh Článek ve sborníku
Konference Le malaise existentiel : dans le roman français contemporain
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Filozofická fakulta

Obor Písemnictví, mas-media, audiovize
Klíčová slova Jean Echenoz; hero; antihero; Lipovetsky; lector's instance; malaise of being
Popis The main characters in the novels of Jean Echenoz all appear as they solve a series of problems that could be described as existential: either the departure or demise of the company, the bankruptcy of the company name or loss of employment, poor health or lack of intelligence, they are all confronted with problems they face without really seem too affected by the disaster. In most cases, they find a combination that allows them to live within the maze of hyper-modern Western civilization without escaping the impulsive motion of the latter. I propose to see how Jean Echenoz asked, through his protagonists, the ambivalent relationship between the contemporary subject and being in the world which it is derived. In another time it would be interesting to examine the relationship between these "people paper" with the “instance lectoriale” is to say, also from the real being of this world and receiving them through their actions fiction. From this point of view, we could place the majority of Echenoz' characters temporary space that extends between both ends of the split hero - antihero, given the ambiguity of the two categories due to changes in perception of traditional values to What man led the times which follow the modern "classical" might be temporarily designated as postmodernism.
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