Rigidity of General Terms as Rigidity of Descriptions



Rok publikování 2012
Druh Konferenční abstrakty
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Filozofická fakulta

Popis Unlike rigidity of singular terms, there seems to be no consensus as regards rigidity of predicates (general terms). The aim of this paper is to establish the rigid / non-rigid distinction on exact notions, viz. the notion of reference as framed within a certain (hyperintensional) semantic theory. Consequently, a rigorous definition of a rigid designator of an individual (which is applicable to proper names and individual descriptions) is possible. The definition is straightforwardly adaptable to the definition of a rigid designator of a class of individuals (applicable to common predicates), etc. (and so on up). Thus not only generality, but also inner unity of the theory of rigidity can be achieved. Another important feature of the present proposal is its stress on modality, since the modal stability of reference is the exclusive aspect leading to the division of expressions into rigid and non-rigid.
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