Pracovní schůzky během podzimního semestru 2019


The first meeting of the project participants took place on Thursday, 18 September, and both active participants and the other, more-or-less involved students were present. Docent Juříčková presented an overview of the project phases and told us what specific tasks each phase includes. The programme of the project workshop and the stay in Oslo itself was discussed and the financial sum of which the scholarship consists, was revealed. Based on all the information, transport and accommodation options were discussed and later agreed on.

(Jitka Peloušková, 18. 9. 2019)


The second meeting of the mobility project participants took place on Tuesday 24 September, but this time only in presence of the active participants. The updated version of the programme for Oslo stint was presented and discussed. The task of setting up a website for the project was assigned and technical things about the task were also addressed. Everybody was reminded that they should come to sign the participant contract the day after. Which everybody, surprisingly, did.

(Jitka Peloušková, 24. 9. 2019)


The third meeting took place on Tuesday 8 October. During this meeting the project workshop which was to happen in a short time, was discussed and task concerning the preparation were assigned. Since the scholarship has come to our possession, we have bought the flight tickets and reserved and payed for the accommodation, both without problems. Upcoming events connected with the project were also discussed.

(Jitka Peloušková, 8. 10. 2019)


The fourth meeting took place on Tuesday 29 October. The main topics discussed were the coming presentation at the university’s Science week and the setting up of the project’s website. The form of the presentation has been agreed on, the main speaker chosen, and materials were set to be prepared.

(Jitka Peloušková, 29. 10. 2019)



The fifth meeting took place on Tuesday 5 November. More details concerning the presentation were discussed, short descriptions of our persons were agreed on to be written and some details concerning the stay in Oslo were talked about also.  The website, already in making, was also given a little space to be discussed in.

(Jitka Peloušková, 5. 11. 2019)


The sixth meeting took place on Tuesday 12 November. Details of the upcoming presentation were discussed. Going to Lillehammer and visiting Nansenskole during the mobility was discussed and later rejected as badly timed and too time consuming.

(Jitka Peloušková, 12. 11. 2019)


The seventh meeting took place on Tuesday 19 November. As the presentation was very near, detailed plan of it was presented. It was checked whether all things needed were prepared

(Jitka Peloušková, 19. 11. 2019)


The eighth meeting took place on Tuesday 26 November. The possibilities of visiting various institutions and people connected with our chosen personalities were discussed and so were the problems we have encountered so far in our researches. Various details of the mobility were discussed, the programme and wished alterations. Docent Juříčková presented to us a draft of the programme on which we should build our personal one. The transportation to the airport was discussed; taking a buss to Vienna was agreed on.

(Jitka Peloušková, 26. 11. 2019)


The ninth meeting took place only two days after the previous one, on Thursday 28 November. There was a necessity to discuss the nature of the mobility and the preparation. Several library sources were recommended, and tips for the gathering of material, which we can later use in our work, were given to us.

(Jitka Peloušková, 28. 11. 2019)


The tenth meeting took place on Thursday 5 December with only the active participants present. Some details of the programme in Oslo were discussed and wishes for alterations taken into consideration. Each participant then filled out a form with data needed for the organization of the programme in Oslo (such as telephone number or whether one has a special diet). It has also been agreed that tickets for the bus to the airport should be purchased soon.

(Jitka Peloušková, 5. 12. 2019)

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